SHENZHEN, ChinaOct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Rhino Rescue, a leading provider of premium first aid supplies, has confirmed plans to participate in the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) from October 28 to 31 in Shenzhen. The key highlight of the company's participation is the launch of new products like the ADV-PRO pneumothorax needle and featured items like Tourniquet-Aluminum, chest seal, and first aid kit.


The company aims to leverage CMEF, an internationally recognized platform covering the entire medical device industry, to showcase its technology and products while gaining insights into the industry's evolving landscape. The Expo is expected to draw nearly 4,000 brands from over 20 countries, showcasing tens of thousands of products into the limelight.

Rhino Rescue's ADV-PRO pneumothorax needle stands out as a flagship product in the company's portfolio. With an impressively quick application time of just four seconds, this needle is remarkably user-friendly. Its design guarantees consistent operation times, irrespective of the user's familiarity with the product. Furthermore, the needle's unique valve can be operated blindly, significantly reducing the risk of error.

Other key products include:

  • Tourniquet-Aluminum (PZZX0010) features a high-quality aluminum alloy rotary design that is durable yet lightweight. The surface's anti-slip pattern prevents slippage due to blood, and the built-in stylus aids in recording key tourniquet information.

  • Chest Seal (CPXF0009) leverages directional tri-hole drainage slots to safely channel blood out, reducing the risk of contamination. Its red pull-tabs make application easier.

  • IFAK-SE, a versatile and comprehensive first aid kit, boasts a large capacity to accommodate a wide range of essential medical supplies. The front MOLLE panel is laser-cut and equipped with a large hook-and-loop area for customizable tactical markers or identification patches, reducing weight while maintaining an appealing design.

"This exhibition is a tremendous opportunity for us," said Jenny Lee, CEO of Rhino Rescue. "It allows us to exchange insights on the latest industry technology and trends. With our extensive technical patents, international exhibit experience, and membership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), interacting with diverse markets helps us continuously enhance our products, improving the effectiveness of rescue operations and saving more lives."

Rhino Rescue played a vital role in international COVID-19 relief efforts. Their innovative products have saved countless lives annually and continue to contribute to emergency medical rescue. Learn more at .

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