Burn Care Kit

руб3.100,00 руб2.700,00

Amount: 1pcs

  • 1pcs
  • 10pcs
Не отправлю пока [19041994]
руб3.100,00 руб2.700,00
Package Includes:
  • 4*4'' Burn Dressing x 4
  • 3.5g Burn Gel x 8
  • Non-adherent Bandage x 4
  • PBT Bandage x 1
  • PE Tape x 1
  • Bandage Scissors x 1
  • Nitrile Gloves x 1 pair
  • User Guide x 1
Safe & Scientific

The RHINO RESCUE burn gel dressing, made up of a scientifically formulated cooling gel and a medical-grade, non-woven pad, help relieve pain, cool burns, and protect against contamination. The dressings are soaked in water-based and biodegradable gel and sterilized to ensure a contamination-free atmosphere for emergency treatment of burns.

One-step Relief for Emergency

With RHINO RESCUE Burn Dressings, it takes no special training to give fast and effective emergency burn care for any type of burn injury. The sterile dressings are easy to carry, store, and use. These dressings can also be applied directly to the burn without the need to pre-cool the burn before applying the dressing.

Great Extra for First Aid Kit

The burn gel can treat different kinds of burns, including sunburn, open flames, scalding from hot water, steam, gas, chemicals, or electrical appliances. It is an ideal extra for first aid kits at work, at home, and highly recommended on the road one pack will deliver one application.

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