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RHINO RESCUE Zip Stitch 6pcs - Stitchless Wound Closure Strips

$27.00 $19.99


Stitchless & Pain-Free Closure

Great alternative to stitches, skin glue, and butterfly zipstitch. The laceration closure kit is more convenient than traditional stitches. Rapid wound closure strips allow you to care for lacerations and small cuts immediately.

Adjustable & Firm Hold

Adjust and customize the tension of zip stitch sutures with 2 adjustable hasps. If the cut is large, multiple zip ties can be used to fix it. Strong adhesive back and tough non-woven fabric ensures safety and protection of the wound, and you'll barely feel it when fastened.

Be Prepared

When you are far from trained medical attention, the wound closure strips kit is a great solution to protect you and your family from skin damage. Perfect for personal use when hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, biking, cooking, car and home repairs, construction, and more.


We are committed to providing the most effective, convenient, and premium trauma emergency first aid. Be prepared, and use our 100% efforts to protect 0.01% of hope for survival.

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