This blog pays tribute to the inspirational life and work of Dr. Francisco Chacon-Lozsan.


Dr. Francisco rescue
Licensed by Dr. Francisco​​

Venezuela also with Hungarian nationality, I am an M.D., a Specialist in Critical Care Medicine, acute cardiovascular care, and Neurocritical care now doing anesthesia training in Budapest. Before coming to Hungary I trained in TCCC, CCATT, and CSAR and volunteered in Venezuela as CSAR with the Venezuelan army and some antiterrorism units and with First Aids UCV (Green Cross) during Venezuelan strikes.

Francisco Chacon-Lozsan grew up in Venezuela with an insatiable curiosity about how the world worked and always trying to find how stuff works. He was always a hyperactive and curious kid and his passion for physics and anatomy led him to pursue medicine. Now an anesthesiologist, critical care specialist, and tactician with growing expertise in Budapest, Dr. Francisco's driving motivation remains serving and saving lives.

"Nothing is stronger than the values I learned at home, in my family we have a really strong ethical education with the goals of self-improvement, freedom, equality, and fraternity."

Although Dr. Francisco did not say so, we know that there must be obstacles and setbacks in the way of life, and some of them may even be demotivating. But at each turn, his deep-rooted values of "self-improvement, freedom, equality, and fraternity" guided him forward. While many might become jaded or indifferent over time, Dr. Francisco sees each patient as "a human being with a family, with a history." This compassion allows him to maintain focus on individuals, not numbers, and to pour every ounce of his skill and knowledge into achieving the best outcome for each person under his care.

Dr. Francisco rescue
Licensed by Dr. Francisco​​

Family support is the greatest motivation

In the face of immense pressures and weighty responsibilities, Dr. Francisco finds sustenance through the support of close friends and family. He speaks with particular tenderness about his 11-month-old daughter, who undoubtedly reminds him each and every day of the fragility yet miracle of the lives he works to rescue. Balancing the ceaseless demands of concluding his anesthesia training, undertaking a Ph.D. program, fulfilling work obligations as an anesthesiologist dedicated to emergency rescue, and embracing fatherhood appears nearly insurmountable yet Dr. Francisco professes to have "a wonderful life."  

His positivity and gratitude in the face of adversity are as striking as his unflagging dedication to perpetual self-betterment through theoretical knowledge and hard-won experience in rescue operations. Despite a daunting schedule and the emotional toll of his line of high-stakes rescue work, Dr. Francisco still finds joy in small moments and expresses wonder at lives reclaimed, both great and small. His daughter's first steps inspire as much delight as a successful rescue surgery. Each patient that survives and thrives is a victory in an ongoing rescue mission to celebrate. 

With mature wisdom belying his youth, Dr. Francisco understands that true purpose lies beyond titles, achievements, or the approbation of others. What matters most is how one views the world and contributes to the greater mission of rescue. For Dr. Francisco, every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve his rescue skills, and each day offers a chance to make a meaningful difference through skill, empathy, care, and rescue. His purpose is to save lives in emergencies when possible, ease suffering through rescue always, and gain insight from each triumph and loss along the way in his lifelong rescue campaign.

Dr. Francisco rescue
Licensed by Dr. Francisco​​


I tried Rhino Rescue already a few years ago, at first bit skeptical as I bought in Rhino Rescue's official website, but as soon as I tried I realized that is a quality product so as after using each product (in a pre-hospital or in-hospital setting) I bought again to replace for a new one. Nowadays I had the opportunity to see and test the new products and also they are improving, adding new products, and listening to each user, I love that!

As an emergency physician dedicated to lifesaving rescue, Dr. Francisco understands the life-saving value of high-quality tools and a focused mindset during critical rescue scenarios. This is why he esteems Rhino Rescue products, engineered to allow full attention on patients in emergency rescue when every second counts.

In the high-pressure, time-sensitive environment of emergency rescue care, equipment either enhances or hinders a physician's capacity to act with precision and speed in rescue operations. Rhino Rescue tools are designed by professionals who comprehend the extreme demands of emergency rescue intimately, as allies rather than impediments to accomplished rescue providers. With a pedigree of excellence and proven reliability in the most difficult of rescue scenarios, these rescue instruments instill confidence while allowing full focus on the emergency patient. They facilitate lifesaving rescue treatment rather than foster distraction or delay in a race against time.

For Dr. Francisco, saving a life through skilled emergency rescue is a privilege that lies beyond any fame or financial reward. But to embrace that privilege fully, skilled lifesaving rescuers need the finest and most responsive of rescue instruments to do their work unhindered. Rhino Rescue fulfills that need so emergency rescue attendants like Dr. Francisco can devote their whole attention to patients in distress, applying hard-earned knowledge and instincts without hindrance. Using professional rescue tools as allies, they work as one to resuscitate, relieve suffering, and return loved ones to each other's arms against all odds.

Professionally tested Rhino Rescue products

Dr. Francisco tests 【Rhino Twin-Pack Chest Seal】 in a critical care patient even with Ultrasound evidence of its effectiveness.

Dr. Francisco rescue
Licensed by Dr. Francisco​​
Dr. Francisco rescue
​Licensed by Dr. Francisco​


"I love the challenge to get patients in critical condition and do my best to restore their health and take it back to their families, the harder the challenge, the most appealing to me, maybe that's the reason I’m attracted as well to search and rescue. "

Taking [patients] back to their families

For Dr. Francisco, the rewards of his profession are simple: "Taking [patients] back to their families" and embracing each challenge as an "opportunity to do [his] best." 

The world is undoubtedly better for the humane and skillful practice of doctors like Francisco. Their work allows all of us to pursue our lives and loves with the knowledge that compassionate professionals stand ready to aid us in times of greatest vulnerability and need. For this, we can all feel a debt of gratitude.


"Finally, when we asked: Do you think you have a great life?

Dr. Francisco's answer was: Totally!"

Although we did not meet in real life, we could appreciate in our conversation that he was a very elegant gentleman. At the end of the conversation, he was kind enough to include the abbreviations of the proper nouns mentioned in the conversation.

Sorry about the abbreviations: TCCC tactical combat casualty care, CCATT critical care aeromedical transport, CSAR combat search and rescue, UCV central university of Venezuela, ESC European Society of Cardiology, ESICM European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, ESAIC European Society of Anesthesia and intensive care. 

Dr. Francisco rescue
Licensed by Dr. Francisco​​

Let's honor every healthcare worker and wish Dr. Francisco and his family happiness.