Whether it is a few family or single, it is inevitable to encounter bumps, bruises, injuries,etc.It is very necessary to provide handy emergency items. The home first aid kit must be arranged! In order to more timely and effective protection of family health,the role of home first aid kit can not be ignored. The first aid items should be prepared !

      Home first aid kit, just as its name implies, is mainly for the first aid kit used in the family daily life. Its main characteristics are medium size, rich in content but easy to carry.



List of the home first aid kit
1 x Windlass Tourniquet   1 x Emergency Bandage
1 x Metal Eye Shield       1 x Nasal Airway(NPA)
1 x CPR Face Shield       1 x Aluminum Splint
2 x Compressed Gauzes   2 x Chest Seals
1 x Nasal Airway 28F      1 x DD1380 Card
1 x Burn Dressing        1 x Burn Dressing
1 x Abdominal Pad       1 x Adhesive Bandages Bundle
1 x Triangular Bandage   1 x Elastic Bandage Warp
2 x Sterile Gauze Pads    1 x Burn Gel
2 x Sting Relif Pads       2 x Eye Pads
1 x Emergency Blanket    2 x Soap Wipes
2 x Antiseptic Wipes      10 x lodophor Swabs
12 x Alcohol Pads        1pair Medical Shears
1 x Sharpie Marker        1 x Medical Tape
1 x Tongue Depressor     2 pairs Exam Gloves
6 x Safety Pins            1 x First Aid Guide



Four Tips for the Home First Aid Kit

      First, the basic list of home first aid kits are essential for every family, but some reserves are difficult, such as tourniquets, first aid blankets, breathing masks, etc. The first aid kits mentioned above can help you solve most emergency situations.

      Second, we need to expand the items in due time. Items can be stored on demand. Durable goods are generally determined by the number of family members. articles of consumption should be stored for 2 weeks.

      Third, It is best to check the first aid package every six months, especially in the case of the drug. If the storage conditions are improper, there will be deterioration, failure and other problems. It can be judged by whether changing color, whether the shelf life is expired, and whether the storage requirements of the manual are met.

      Fourth, the position of the first aid bag in the home should be the place where all family members are familiar with and easy to get, try to avoid light storage, put in the shoe ark, bedside table, toilet and other places.

      In general, home first aid kits are small, light and less costly.