Realizing a Childhood Dream

Alex is a seasoned firefighter and emergency medical professional with 14 years of experience. From a young age, he dreamed of becoming a firefighter, determined to help others. This dream was deeply rooted in his heart, motivating him to keep moving forward. As a child, he often mimicked firefighters battling blazes in the streets and alleys, imagining himself as a hero rescuing those in distress. As he grew older, this dream did not fade; instead, it grew stronger. Ultimately, this dream became the guiding light of his career, leading him to firmly pursue the path of a firefighter.


Professional Firefighter and Emergency Medical Personnel

As a firefighter, Alex's responsibility is to handle various emergency situations, including firefighting and emergency medical services. To excel in this role, he underwent rigorous professional training, mastering various rescue techniques and emergency medical knowledge. Throughout his 14-year career, Alex has been involved in countless emergency rescue operations, each mission filled with challenges, but he never backs down.

At fire scenes, he fearlessly rushes in, quickly assesses the situation, devises rescue plans, and executes rescue operations. He not only confronts intense flames but also manages unforeseen circumstances such as building collapses and chemical spills. Additionally, he shoulders the responsibilities of an emergency medical personnel, providing urgent medical assistance to the injured during rescue operations to secure crucial lifesaving moments.

Passion for Martial Arts

In addition to his primary role as a firefighter, Alex is deeply passionate about martial arts and has earned multiple coaching certifications. Outside of work, he dedicates himself to martial arts training, studying various techniques and integrating them with emergency medical skills. He has found that combining martial arts with "rescue" holds a special appeal. This fusion not only enhances self-defense capabilities but also improves physical fitness and response times during rescue operations.

Motivated by this insight, he founded a tactical defense system that integrates martial arts skills with emergency medical techniques, providing tactical emergency medical training. Despite this being his secondary occupation, his contributions in this field are equally noteworthy and impactful.

Founded the Tactical Defense System

Alex is the founder and leader of the Tactical Defense System. In this system, he combines martial arts with tactical patient care, conducting numerous emergency medical training sessions, particularly focused on initial treatment of severe injuries following terrorist attacks. Alex realized that traditional first aid training and methods often fall short in the face of sudden terrorist attacks and mass casualty events. Through the Tactical Defense System, he provides trainees with a structured and highly practical training program.


These courses cover basic first aid knowledge and include strategies and techniques for responding to extreme situations. Under his guidance, trainees engage in practical drills, mastering essential skills such as rapid injury assessment, effective bleeding control, and proper bandaging. This enables them to perform initial emergency care and save more lives during critical incidents.

The Opportunity to Train Non-Medical Personnel

One day, a student asked Alex, "What should I do if I encounter a severely injured person? I have no idea what to do." This question prompted him to decide to provide first aid training for non-medical personnel, using professional first aid materials for guidance. Alex deeply understands that first aid knowledge should not be exclusive to medical professionals but is a skill everyone should possess.

To address this need, he designed a series of clear, practical training courses aimed at spreading first aid knowledge among the general public. In these trainings, he uses real-life cases to explain first aid essentials in an accessible manner and employs simulated exercises to help participants master practical skills.

These trainings have proven to be remarkably successful, with participants providing very positive feedback. They not only gained valuable first aid knowledge but also enhanced their confidence and ability to handle emergency situations.

Mission to Address Violent Incidents

In today's society, violent incidents are frequent, and more people are becoming victims. Tragic events, such as the Mannheim incident in Germany, made Alex realize that immediate change is imperative. He firmly believes that, beyond self-defense, initial emergency care is crucial—something not taught in other martial arts systems.

During violent incidents, many people fail to receive timely and effective assistance after being injured, often missing the critical window for life-saving intervention. Through his training, Alex aims to fill this gap. He not only teaches self-defense techniques but also emphasizes initial emergency care following violent attacks.

His goal is to enhance public skills in self and mutual aid, thereby reducing the harm caused by violent incidents. Alex hopes to achieve the vision where "everyone is a first responder," significantly improving the chances of survival and recovery for victims of violence.

High-Value First Aid Products

Alex highly praises the cost-effectiveness of Rhino Rescue's first aid products. His experience and testing show that these products are user-friendly for civilians, reflecting the brand's excellence and the accuracy of its product descriptions. In practical use, Alex found these products to be well-designed and easy to use, effectively aiding ordinary people in performing first aid during emergencies.

Through his training, participants become proficient in using these products, enabling them to take correct first aid actions quickly in critical moments. An impressive 90% of participants expressed interest in ordering these first aid materials, with attendees coming from all over Germany. This highlights the impact and effectiveness of Alex's training programs.

This not only demonstrates the superiority of the products but also showcases the scientific and practical nature of Alex's training methods.


A Health-First Philosophy

For Alex, maintaining health is paramount in life. His career is not only a journey of helping others but also an embodiment of selfless dedication. As a firefighter, he risks his life to save others; as a tactical emergency medical instructor, he is committed to enhancing the public's first aid capabilities. In both firefighting and emergency medical fields, Alex consistently pursues his mission of bringing greater safety and health to society.

To keep himself fit, Alex engages in sports every day, which not only strengthens his body but also fortifies his psyche. He believes in the importance of balance, emphasizing that a healthy diet is equally crucial. Alex firmly believes that only by maintaining one's health can one better serve society and help others.

Through his efforts, he hopes to inspire more people to prioritize their health, learn first aid skills, and collectively create a safer, healthier living environment.