Embracing Individuality and Conquering Adversities

Janek, at the tender age of 13, was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when he was just 3 years old. His life's path has been shaped by the challenges that come with his condition. Despite the limitations posed by their financial resources, Janek's parents have spared no effort in ensuring his treatment, rehabilitation, and involvement in various extracurricular pursuits. His interests span a wide spectrum, ranging from law enforcement, medical rescue, weaponry, special forces, to aviation. 


Remarkably, he possesses exceptional linguistic skills and an undeniable passion for subjects like battlefield medicine, airsoft, and shooting. This has made him stand out, along with his selective eating habits that have played a part in his significant growth.

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Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Adolescence

Adam Gajda: ” Janek's process of growing up was turbulent due to challenges such as difficult interactions with peers, above-average intelligence, as well as his behaviors and selective eating habits. On my part, I quickly accepted this fact, and step by step, we overcame his fears, like his fear of stairs and dark spaces. Initiating therapies and engaging in activities with an unbiased school pedagogue brought significant progress. My support involved taking him to restaurants to try new flavors, as well as nurturing his interest in military topics and showing him around military facilities. Through these experiences, he managed to break through his barriers and fears.”

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Janek's path through adolescence has been a challenging one, marked by turbulent experiences including difficulties in social interactions, his above-average intelligence, and selective eating habits. His stepfather, Adam Gajda, has been an unwavering pillar of support throughout. Adam's dedication in helping Janek overcome his fears and obstacles has been commendable. Through therapies, guidance from the school pedagogue, and gradual exposure to different activities, Janek has managed to break free from the shackles of anxiety. Adam's willingness to delve into military-related topics with Janek has not only boosted his confidence but also strengthened their bond.

Unleashing the Fire of Passion: Janek's Myriad Interests

Janek's passions are as diverse as they are captivating. From sports shooting and Airsoft to the intricacies of medical rescue, his interests have no bounds. With his extraordinary language skills, he's been able to immerse himself in YouTube channels and English-language materials that feed his curiosity. Janek's fervor for military and medical subjects, coupled with his linguistic acumen, has propelled him to excel in areas that fuel his thirst for knowledge.

The Impact of a Charismatic Mentor: Kamil Sadzik

A pivotal figure in Janek's life is Kamil Sadzik from the Operational Assault Brigade. Kamil's charismatic presence has played a defining role in steering Janek's passion towards battlefield medicine. Under Kamil's guidance, Janek's understanding and appreciation of the field have deepened. Their friendship and collaborative efforts have enriched Janek's pursuits, contributing to his growth and development.

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Adam Gajda:" We discovered your brand by accident on Facebook, and later it was brought to our attention by people from the Operational Assault Brigade. Your products are used for minor scrapes and cuts in the everyday lives of Janek and his peers, particularly during activities like cycling and hiking. We source them from various channels and appreciate your involvement in Janek's cause. "

Janek's story underscores the importance of supportive individuals and environments, enabling individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities to explore their passions and engage with the world around them. Just as Rhino Rescue has provided support for Janek's journey, allowing individuals like him to thrive and grow, we've found that embracing their unique interests and providing platforms for shared activities can bridge gaps and foster connections. This, in turn, empowers each individual to discover their path to growth, exploration, and fulfillment. Hope to contribute to creating a more inclusive society.

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Support and Struggles on the Road to Rehabilitation

Janek's journey towards rehabilitation has been characterized by sensory-motor therapy, encouragement to explore the world around him, and guidance from the school pedagogue. While he's made considerable progress, challenges still remain. The County Disability Assessment Team's limited perspective underscores the urgent need for increased awareness and support for individuals like Janek. Adam's determination to explore opportunities by reaching out to military and medical organizations reflects his commitment to Janek's holistic development.

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Dreams Blossoming with Possibility

Janek's dreams are a harmonious blend of pragmatism and aspiration. His desires encompass both tangible goals and lofty ambitions. From owning a personal medical backpack and mastering wound stitching with a simulator to possessing a high-quality Airsoft replica, Janek's wishes reflect a mix of practicality and fervor. However, his dreams extend far beyond mere possessions.


He envisions completing his high school education with determination that radiates from within. Higher studies beckon him, drawing him towards intellectual pursuits that will contribute to his personal growth. The thought of relocating to countries like Canada or New Zealand whispers to him from the future, an aspiration he believes he can attain. This ambitious dream mirrors his unyielding dedication.


Janek's multifaceted personality shines through his diverse interests. His accomplishments in a school talent competition demonstrate his musical prowess and artistic flair. Beyond the military-themed dreams, he yearns for a proper ukulele, a passion he's already begun nurturing through his participation in a school talent contest. This dimension of his aspirations illuminates his artistic side.

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“For me, he is and will always be a little hero. To us, he is a wonderful child and the best thing that has happened to us in life.”

In this poignant culmination, Janek emerges as a beacon of unwavering perseverance and boundless inspiration. His journey, as witnessed through the eyes of his father, Adam Gajda, encapsulates the essence of embracing uniqueness, surmounting obstacles, and fostering one's passions. 

What truly matters is that he is already a hero, a sentiment echoed in Adam's heartfelt words. To Adam and his family, Janek is a precious treasure, the brightest light that has graced their lives.

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