Frederico Teles was born for the frontlines. As a 32-year-old firefighter in Brazil, he has dedicated his career to protecting lives when disaster strikes. His lifelong passion for emergency preparedness has equipped Frederico to uplift others - both through hands-on rescues and widespread instruction to expand life-saving capabilities across Brazil.

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A Survivalist from the Start

Long before becoming a firefighter, Frederico felt drawn to the outdoors and the art of survival. Growing up in Brazil as the son of a metal craftsman, he relished opportunities to camp, hike, and immerse himself in nature. By age 16, Frederico identified proudly as a “prepper” - stockpiling knowledge and quality equipment to ready himself for the unexpected. Little did he know, this early exposure would lay the foundation for a future in emergency response.

Frederico’s hands-on upbringing was formative in other ways too. Assisting his father with demanding metalwork projects instilled in Frederico a sense of focus, responsibility, and perseverance. Though he didn’t realize it at the time, these experiences were steadily grooming Frederico for a career that would test his capabilities to the limits.

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Answering the Call

After a rigorous selection process, Frederico was accepted into firefighter training alongside a select group of candidates. The intensive program integrated military trainings with specialized skills such as high-angle rescue,  water rescue, firefighting, and emergency medical response.

Upon graduation, Frederico officially became a Military Firefighter Soldier - setting his sights on advancing through dedication and service. Reflecting on his journey, Frederico believes his love of survival and hands-on background subconsciously guided him to a career that demanded so much purpose and responsibility. Though the path was challenging, he feels it was the one he was always meant to take.

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Licensed by Frederico

First Responder's Journey

Throughout his firefighting career, Frederico faced experiences that profoundly shaped his perspective and values. Responding to crises taught him the fragility of life and the importance of gratitude. Witnessing people confront imminent death and devastation provided a sobering reminder of the world's harsh realities. From this, Frederico learned to respect peril before charging forward to conquer it. His work forged a resilient spirit, prepared to overcome formidable obstacles and lift up others in the process.

One disaster that especially stood out was Brazil's tragic Brumadinho dam collapse in 2019. When a dam holding back mineral waste burst, it unleashed a massive mudflow that claimed 270 lives instantaneously. As part of search and rescue, Frederico confronted grim devastation and emotional exhaustion. After 3 grueling years, all but 3 victims were recovered - a feat highlighting firefighters’ capabilities when united behind a difficult mission. Frederico was proud to demonstrate their potential, even amidst enormous tragedy. The entire search and rescue operation showcased an unprecedented level of organization, employing innovative structures, strategies, and cutting-edge technologies.

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Empower Emergency Response Network

In 2022, after obtaining his specialized certification in Combat Rescue, Frederico was eager to further expand his skillset. He found himself in high demand as Brazil started to regulate and standardize rescue operations while witnessing a sharp increase in the need for rescue capabilities within the police force. As an experienced firefighter, Frederico became a sought-after trainer for both newly recruited police officers undergoing basic training and experienced officers who lacked prior rescue experience.

His influence as a firefighter and passion for preparation made him an influential instructor. Through his guidance, the officers gained newfound skills and confidence, making them better prepared to respond to high-risk scenarios. Frederico's commitment to encouraging continuous improvement ensures that the emergency response network in Brazil strengthens exponentially.

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Emergency Readiness Enabled by Accessible Equipment

According to Frederico, having proper equipment is crucial for emergency readiness. He credits Rhino Rescue for making reliable gear accessible and affordable for all. Possessing quality tools motivates responders to constantly improve their skills.

Frederico explains, "Rhino Rescue simply changed my life. They democratize access to gear that I know is reliable. Having quality equipment in hand motivates tactical operators to keep improving their preparedness. When we admire an activity but lack the necessary materials to execute it, it ultimately leaves operators unmotivated and discouraged from progressing." His vision is to provide comprehensive access to quality equipment, empowering communities across Brazil to enhance their readiness and resiliency.

Looking to the Future

Professionally, Frederico feels he is in the prime of his career, with each passing day reinforcing his commitment to making a difference in people's lives. As a firefighter, he knows that his daily work directly saves lives, and this fills him with a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose. However, his vision extends beyond individual rescues; he envisions a broader impact on society as a whole.

Frederico's greater purpose lies in propagating readiness and preparedness throughout Brazil. He understands the exponential ripple effect that occurs when he imparts his knowledge and expertise to others. Each person he trains becomes a link in a chain of empowered responders, ready to face any challenge that comes their way. Frederico takes pride in knowing that by building these networks of capable individuals, he is contributing to a stronger and more resilient society.

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Looking ahead, Frederico is excited about expanding his impact even further. He envisions a future where individuals and communities across Brazil are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to lift each other up during times of most urgent need. His mission is to create a culture of preparedness where people feel confident and capable in the face of emergencies, knowing that they have the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and others.

For Frederico, his lifelong passion for emergency preparedness has transformed into a true calling to serve others. He wholeheartedly believes that readiness is not just about having the right equipment and training, but also about cultivating a mindset of empowerment and resilience. By preparing both minds and materials, he is fulfilling his greater purpose - to empower people to step up as everyday heroes and protect lives when facing the unexpected challenges that life may throw their way.

Frederico's journey as a first responder has been a testament to the transformative power of dedication and service. Through his unwavering commitment to preparing others and building a network of empowered responders, he is leaving an indelible mark on the emergency response landscape in Brazil. With every life saved and every individual empowered, Frederico's legacy as a lifeline to those in need continues to grow, inspiring countless others to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in their communities.