Gauze and bandage are common medical products in medicine, often used in dressing the wound. Compressed gauze or winding roll is generally used with military bandages, mainly used for the large wound side. If you bleed more, direct filling hemostasis. Military bandages are mainly used for temporary bleeding when bleeding is more. After the human body is injured, most will use gauze or bandage to bandage wound, mainly because they have a very good air permeability, and the production material is soft, more suitable for fixed dressing, pressure hemostasis, hanging limbs and fixed joints.

major function

      1.The wound hemostasis. The gauze or bandage has good air permeability. After the wound dressing is finished, fixing the dressing with the gauze dressing can avoid the wound infection and the secondary bleeding of the wound.

  1. Wound packing. The gauze or bandage can fix the dressing on the wound, control the bleeding, fix and support the injury and reduce the swelling, fix and protect the surgical or injury site. When the fracture patient uses gauze or bandage, the fractureand joint dislocation will be restricted, and the bone is healed quickly.
  2. Reduce the pain. After using gauze or bandage, it can compress the wound and play the role of hemostasis. To a certain extent, it increases the comfort of patients, thus reducing the pain of patients.

usage method

During the gauze or bandage is wrapped:

1.If the injured person lies down, the bandage should be wrapped from under the natural depression of the step room, knee room, waist and neck. Pull the bandage forward and forward to adjust. When wrapping the neck and the upper trunk, pull down the trunk to the correct position.

2.When bandage, the degree of tightness should be to stop bleeding and fixed dressing, but not too tight, so as not to hinder the blood circulation at the end of the limb.

3.If you wrap your limbs, try to expose your fingers and toes to check your blood circulation.

4.Make sure that the knot does not hurt the injured person. Flat knot should be used to plug the end of the bandage into the knot, and do not knot where the bone rises.

5.Regularly check the blood circulation of the lower limbs, and you can release it if necessary.

During fixing the injured limb with a bandage:

1.Add cushions between the injured limb and the body, or between the feet (especially the joint part), you can use towels, cotton or folded clothes as cushions, and then put a bandage, so as not to shift the broken bone.

2.Bandage the gap near the limb and avoid dressing at the wound.

3.The bandage should be tied in front of the uninjured side and avoid bone protrusion as possible. If both sides of the injured person are injured, the knot should be hit in the center of the body, which is the least chance of causing further injury.

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