What do you carry with you every day? May be your car keys, phone, or makeups. More importantly, it is necessary to bring a first aid kit to avoid accident happened. These first aid kits contain the basics to deal with life-threatening injuries by using these first aid items.

These items in your fist aid kit can apply in a life-saving environment.


Chest Seal

A chest seal is a specific item, which function is to treat a sucking chest wound. The only way to fix it is to seal the hole by applying a chest seal. Vented chest seals allow air enter the wounds but can avoid allowing more air in. Unvented seals will retain air inside the torso.


The Tourniquet can stop blood flow to an injured limb. It is easy for all people to use. It advantages lie in hemorrhage in case the accident happens. It is crucial to use the tourniquet correctly, because serious injuries cannot avoid due to wrongly use.

Compressed gauze

Compressed gauze is one of important tool to stop blood. It plays in auxiliary role when the users use the tourniquet. If the injured encounters heavy bleeding, hemostatic dressing can be as a filling hemostatic item.


It mainly used to treat muscle sprains and strains. Applying maximum compression and holding compressed gauze in place to stop heavy bleeding.Our bandage has a pressure applicator and is packed in vacuum-sealed and waterproof. In other words, it can a pre-hospital hemorrhage material.


Scissors are designed exclusively for external use.It can cut various hard objects.Bent tip and blunted edge make sure cut clothing from injured people quickly and safely. The blades have the fine tooth for anti-slip & easier cutting, carabiner can used to clip onto waist.

Emergency blanket

It can keep people warm. Each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. They are reusable and waterproof. It is perfect for emergency situations where warmth or protection from all-weather conditions is required.


In the medical field, you may not have considered gloves a insignificant enough item, but It helps the users avoid infection. The users need to secure your safety before aiding others. Wearing gloves will keep you from directly coming into contact with possibly infected fluids.

No matter where you are, we all believe that the first aid kit is indispensable. We always be prepared to save lives!