When we use one new product, we need to know its principles and how to use. It is key, particularly when we are saving oneself at golden time. Once we miss this moment, we may die.

What is not-working tourniquet?

      Not-working tourniquet is failing to stop the bleeding. If the tourniquet cannot working,then the patient may die due to blood loss.




Why the tourniquet cannot work?

      I will explain it from several reasons. First, the quality of the tourniquet is lower. The applicator is easily loose, which cannot fix the band. Second, it mainly cannot work due to human errors. Third, Hemostasis steps were not completed within the fixed time. You need to control the time within one min before the step of twisting the rod.



      Now, I will take about how to use a tourniquet. (one-hand operation)
First, remove tourniquet from IFAK and/or carrying pouch.
Second, insert the wounded extremity through the loop of the self-adhering band.
Third, position the tourniquet above the bleeding site, high on the extremity over the clothing/uniform.
Forth, ensure all the slack in the band is pulled through the rolling buckle before the band is fastened bank on itself and the wind lass is twisted.
Fifth, twist the rod until bleeding has stopped. (complete 1/5 steps in under1 min)
Sixth, lock the windlass rod in place with the windlass clip.
Seventh, route the self-adhering band around the rod and between the clips.
Eighth, secure with the windlass safety strap.
Note: Do not document tourniquet application time until the tactical field care phase.
Nineth, If no other major bleeding is present, move to cover.


      Importantly, due to all kinds of tourniquets, we need to know the their usage, which include one-hand operation and two-hand operation. Tourniquet is a life-saving tool and the purpose is to stop the bleeding.


      The more practice, the lower the rate of making the errors. How to use and correctly using is critical. Besides, we advise everyone to bring a first aid kit at all times, then you will be always prepared to saved lives!