Upgraded features include new back-padding for comfort and function, stow-able shoulder straps with seatbelt style webbing for various storage capabilities, quick access front pockets for trauma and everyday use items, flat lay and a fully modular organization system with interior mesh pockets, and much more.

The contents inside are the exact same for both standard and pro versions. The difference is that the MyFak Large is more suited for on sight prevention and treatment when the Recon is more suited for agility and movement. The Recon is great for hiking, camping, and makes for a great bug-out bag.

Yes! All our Kits can be refilled with MODs. MODs are sold separately on our website for you to always be prepared with kits ready.

YES! We have discounts for First Responders, Military, Medical personal, Firefighters, and Teachers

The Recon is not meant to be used as an everyday backpack so it's size is smaller than a typical 21 liter backpack. It's exact dimensions are,

Height: 12.5 in

Width: 8.5 in

Depth: 7.25 in

Weight: 4.6 - 6.3 lbs

See our Shipping Policy for this information.

No, we cannot switch out items in kits because it messes up inventory. However you can purchase the CAT separately.

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