The full name of TCCC is Tactical  Combat Casualty Care.
    TCCC refers to in the field, for a large number of wounded emergency rescue organization measures and working methods, master ventilation, hemostasis, bandage, fixed and handling and other field rescue knowledge and skills, can achieve improve the quality of war rescue, protect the wounded life, prevent complications, improve the success rate of treatment, achieve the purpose of reducing the disability rate. It is also an effective way to effectively save lives and improve the health service support ability.

    Life-threatening external bleeding or limb bleeding must be controlled immediately with the limb tourniquet in the first stage.

    In the second stage, massive bleeding needs to be controlled and continues to an airway management (e. g. Nasopharyngeal Airways). At this stage, close monitoring of respiration and blood circulation should be provided and signs of tension pneumothorax checked. Sucking chest injuries should be treated and closed. The tourniquet should be reexamined to determine that the bleeding stops, and the casualty should be checked for signs of hemorrhagic shock. In addition, low temperature precautions should be taken to provide fracture splints and medication. Another important factor is the provision of monitoring and treatment of burns.

    In the third stage, the rescue was provided the same as in the previous stage. If chest or abdominal trauma exists, the casualty should be closely monitored to identify signs of tension pneumothorax. In addition, any ongoing or new bleeding, must be controlled, while the injured person should be provided warm.

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