RHINO Tactical Rapid Deployment IFAK


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Customer Reviews

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Jack H
Good bang for the buck

The Rapid Deploy Mini IFAK is a very good bang for the buck, especially with the configuration. The Configuration itself is very good for being a small IFAK. One gripe I have is that the grab handle in the picture is not the same as in real life, as it is just a pull tab on the real thing. It does make sense though so it doesn't snag. Overall great quality and good setup.

Really appreciate your feedback and glad you find the Rapid Deploy Mini IFAK to be great value! Good point about the grab handle vs. the pull tab – totally see where you're coming from. We aimed for practicality to avoid any snags, but your input is super valuable for future improvements. Thanks for the shout-out on the quality and setup, means a lot!

Andrew Chadderton
Pretty darn good product, admin needs to match.

First caveat - nothing to do with the product, but RR systems - utterly mangled my delivery address and only received my parcel via a very good and switched on Postie. Shouldnt colour a product review, but RR it lets down great gear if the admin fundamentals arent right.
Negative number two - entirely me being picky! Website showed a looped grab handle, which for me was a big sell-in. Version that arrived had a simpler tab. Can completely see that the tab far less likely to snag. So Hobsons choice - but this kit appealled for armour mounting, where high stress grab was the key. Simple fix with a bit of paracord. But RR - update webpage so buyers aware - possibly offer option?
What a moaner! Also considered for duty belt use, but just a tad too big and no black option. But lets be honest wanting my cake, eating it and cream as well please :-)
The kit and content? That's perfect and every item good stuff in a practical deployable carrier ... but you already knew that! Four stars was just to get RR management attention!

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